Our History

The Templeton Legacy

Templeton Academy is a K-12 school formed by the consolidation of the two existing schools on the north shore -- Templeton Collegiate and North Shore Elementary. 

The old Templeton Collegiate building was closed and additions and renovations were made at North Shore Elementary to accommodate the Grade 7-Level III students from Templeton Collegiate. Templeton Collegiate, the only high school to ever exist on the north shore, was built in 1968. This project was largely the result of efforts by Rev. Templeton to enhance the education of the children in this area.

When the consolidation occurred, a community-wide search was conducted to determine a fitting name for the "new" school. Since many of the parents of our students, as well as the majority of community members, had graduated from Templeton Collegiate, the favourite name that emerged was Templeton Academy. In this way, they honoured their roots and the legacy of their alma mater.

During the first year of consolidation, an Identity Committee was formed to develop a new crest, motto, team name and colours for the school.

Our Crest

In the spring of 2006, a challenge given to students to design a new crest resulted in a winning design by Mark Blackwood, a Level III student. Following this selection, Mark worked with the Identity Committee to further develop and refine his design.

The result of this process was the final design you see on each page of this website. (a larger version is shown at the bottom of this page!)

The symbolism within this crest:




The ribbon pulls us all together as a school family and community --  students, teachers, staff, parents, council members, and volunteers.


Hands and torch:



The hands and torch represent the passing of the flame of learning, knowledge, and growth from student-to-student, teacher-to-student, volunteer-to-student, and parent-to-student.





The flame is symbolic of an education that provides a light to find your way in the world. Without education, it is like being in the dark, but with an education, young people have a bright future. The flame also represents enlightenment. The seven flames represent the seven home communities of our students (Cox's Cove, McIvers, Gillams, Meadows, Summerside, Irishtown, and Hughes' Brook).

Our Motto

At the same time as the development of the crest, students and staff were also asked to submit suggestions for a school motto. Nicholas Arnold, a Grade 3 student, thought that "Try Hard and Succeed" would be a good motto. After some research and help from his mom, he submitted the winning motto,  "Aim and Achieve", which is now written on the ribbon of our crest.

This simple yet powerful motto tells all those in the Templeton community that it is both important to "Set learning goals" (AIM) and to then work hard to "Accomplish those goals" (ACHIEVE).

Our School Colours

The Identity Committee, looking for fresh new start for our "new school", presented several colour combinations to the student body for consideration. The chosen combination was Navy and Light Blue, with optional Maroon accents/lettering.
This colour combination was used to finalize the look of our crest.    

Our Team Name

The teams of Templeton Collegiate were the Tigers. North Shore Elementary's teams were often referred to as the Tiger Cubs. To maintain this tradition, the Tigers was chosen as the team name.     

School Pride

In an effort to display our school pride, Ms. Green and student volunteers have painted our school crest and team logo (Tigers) on the gymnasium walls. Also, a multicoloured stripe (Navy, Light Blue, and Maroon) was painted all the way around the gymnasium walls. The stage front was painted light blue and a new blue stage curtain was provided by the Department of Education to help us show our true colours.